Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We "wuved" Walla Walla

Well...I blog again. I was inspired by the least 2 more people more than just Meghan read my blog. Wahoo! Anyways, we had a fabulous weekend in Walla Walla at the beginning of November with our good friends Mandolyn & Taudd Hume. We visited about 5 wineries...we started to lose track but the more we went to the better the wine tasted. Go figure! We then had a late dinner at a great restaurant in downtown Walla Walla. Good food, good wine and great friends...can't beat it! Jon and I are well are our way to reach one of our marriage goals--visit every washington winery by the time we are 50.

Myself and Jon at Isenhower Cellars...2 Star...fair wine, not our favorite people

Jon, Taudd and Mando at Basel Cellars. A 3 1/2 Star in our book, beautiful winery, okay wine.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew I would actually ever make another blog post? I wasn't even sure. This post is really for my friend Meghan (who is probably the only one still loyal enough to my blog that will even read this new post). She has encouraged me during my slight case of fall boredom to become an avid blogger to fill my time. The only problem I can determine with this is that if I really don't have much exciting going on...what do I have to blog about?! So...I have decided to post some fun pics from the summer. Jon and I took a birthday trip to the Bay area to take in the sights. We had a great time...we walked all over the city, toured Alcatrez, drank some great wine at the J.Lohr winery, drank some tea at a very eccentric tea shop in Chinatown, got pedicures (yes...Jon too!), and ate some great food. At the end of July, we took our annual camping trip with the Strates and the Rosses (Is this really how to make Ross plural? Very confusing) to Mt. Rainier. A little chilly but a success. A.J. was a little trooper. One of the highlights was a great hike up at Paradise and running down the mountain in the snow...with A.J. in tow. We had a great time with some great friends. We are off to Walla Walla this weekend, so who knows....maybe I will post again!